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Our favorite things in life once discovered are to be enjoyed and shared with others. We believe to do so is the meaning of life. Centuries ago, the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama devoted his life to discover places and things to advance mankind. His sense of adventure was matched by his sense of flavor and pioneered the introduction of chilies to Portugal which created the basis for our Vasco’s Peri Peri Sauce. Like  500 years ago our chicken is cooked over charcoal which not only tastes amazing, it’s also a healthier choice as this cooking method considerably reduces fat. We believe that the best flavor can only come from this centuries’ old approach to cooking chicken. And of course, chickens were free, not caged, just like Vasco Da Gama free to Roam. Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken Discovered in 1497.

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Meet Chef Sach Udas

Hi there, I’m a Head Chef of Vasco’s Charcoal Chicken in Parramatta. Talking about myself I was born and brought up in Nepal “The Kingdom of Himalayas” where my story starts. For me kitchen has always been a second home. It wasn’t hard for me to get inside the kitchen because we used to have our own restaurant which my father started in my hometown where I was introduced to kitchen in a very young age. I started running kitchen by myself at the age of 18.

With the experience over 22 years and visiting different countries for cooking like Hong Kong, India, and then settling down in Australia in 2007. I started as a sous chef in Mamma leone Italian Cuisine in Sydney domestic airport and in a year became a head chef in 2008 in a same place. I’ve worked in multi-national company like Spotless, Compass Group in Hospitality. Cooking has always been a passion for me with the challenge and always enjoyed the outcome of different varieties of food serving in a plate gives me pure satisfaction and love towards the food. 22 years in running and going stronger day by day. I’m loving my kitchen life.

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